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What was the trial in which ITV Central were found guilty of Contempt of Court?

I’m doing a university essay on contempt of court and I need to find out what trial ITV Central were fined for contempt of court. I know it was a murder trial in which 5 people were charged and later convicted of. Does anyone know who was murdered? Thanks!

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Essay regarding trial by judge?

I’m writing an essay on why it’s preferable to have a trial by judge I’m trying to find 3 key pointsDoes anyone have any ideas, if u do it will be greatly appreciated

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What is the best free voice to text software that i could get a free trial of for my PC?

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I need to type a journal for English but don’t want to. so i would like to be able to try a voice to text software. i found some good softwares, but they all cots money. Are there any free trial for these softwares?

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